2 uwagi do wpisu “110 SKRiBH 676 Haavara Agreement 1933, Gomberg map 1941 and Zionists and their antisemitism

  1. Secret NAZI Agreement Revealed

    Robert Sepehr
    Published on Oct 28, 2014
    The Secret NAZI agreement with the Zionists leading to the settlement of Palestine and the formation of Israel.

    I don’t know about this. But, I started thinking… It does make sense that the Nazi anti-Semitism could ONLY have been created by Jews themselves. However, why would the Jews turn on the Germans and create a story called the holocaust against the Germans? That is where I fail to see the connection and see a whole in this video.

    Robert Sepehr
    Do a search for Jacob Frank and Sabbatai Zevi, and how they relate to Rothchild

    Virik Navarro
    @j19527 Maybe I didn’t explain it properly. The hypothesis goes like this: Jews/Zionists plant Hitler into his position, instigate war, Hitler’s regime commit atrocities according to the Jewish/Zionist narrative, Jews/Zionists subsequently use the atrocities to guilt and shame Europeans and those of „Aryan” descent until they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for other peoples. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear something about the „atrocities” of WWII. Not one.

    Forbidden History (Please Re-Upload) – ROBERT SEPEHR

    Robert Sepehr
    Published on Aug 27, 2018
    Lecture by Barry Chamish about the Sabbateans, their covert influence on history, the Illuminati, and a connection to the Rothschilds. Also discussed is Antifa’s financing, Globalist Marxist ideology, and secular occult far-left religion. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and independent anthropologist.


    Aboring Fart
    7 months ago
    I am german. Only some so called antisemites know about all this around here. It took me a Iong time, many years, to get and swallow it, They knew all about Sabbatai, Bruno Frank, Dönme jews etc. It was a real shock. But in the end they were always right, it was incredible. That was one very honest jewish speaker. But if the zionists etc. are anti jewish than why is there almost no so called jew who speaks out open against it or at least wants to know about it? Forget it. And they ALL clean history from anything bad about them, they are ALL soo holy. So the so called anitsemites are right when they call these hiding sick people noat sabbataists or zionists but just CRYPTO JEWS. And in the end: White people are GOYIM for all of them! So I don’t hate the simple jews but prefer to not have them around me.
    And just read the bible, they were always like that, again and again many of them worshipping Baal and their beloved golden calf, killing tribes like anybody else and they also WERE Babylon, Canaanites, with their jealous and cruel Jahwe. And for many of these holy people the germans are „Amalek”, another enemy tribe from these times who they still(!) hate like crazy and want to wipe out. Can you imagine anybody so sick in the head? But it is also true.



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