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  1. Podarek dla każdego, kto stoi przeciwko Mię i Moim Słowiańskim Przodkom. To dotyczy, każdego nazistowskiego kolaboranta, jak np. Tanator i innych niewolników tradycji pustynnej i sługusów watykańskich, czy innych. Macie już przesrane, a to dopiero początek… 🙂

    Z/S+L”aWa NaS”+yM Z/S+L”oW+iaN’+SKiM PR”oD+KoM!!! 🙂

    Poland Vs Israel: Culture War Over Holocaust History

    Ivan’s Shady Existence
    Published on Feb 26, 2018

    New Polish law forbidding blaming Poles for the Holocaust has sparked a war of words with Israel where some see this as sugar coating of history at best and Holocaust denial at worst.

    You forgot about September 17, 1939 as Stalin helped Hitler

    Friesen Friesen
    Any poles had been given a chance to be germanized. Marxist Poland had already raped and butchered over 50,000 Germans, living in land, which was ceded to Poland after ww1. Hitler begged them to allow a peaceful return of the Germans living there but was rebuked (over and over). The Poles were politically stupid. But they realized the problem with Jews and revoked hundreds of thousands of Polish Jew passports, after they were safely within German territory. This was done to damage Germany, as much as it was to save what was left of Poland. Hitler’s hands were tied, as the Judaic Bolsheviks had already occupied vast territories of Europe, from Finland in the north down to Serbia in the south. That the Poles were too blind to realize their hopeless position and continued to hardline German pleas for relief, indicates just how deeply brainwashed they were with internal Marxist propaganda. And there was no doubt about who won the war was there? Blaming the loser based upon history written and controlled by the winner makes about as much sense as blaming a handcuffed blind man for losing, after being forced into the ring with Mike Tyson on Steroids. Never forget, the Jew declared war on Germany not once, not twice, but three times BEFORE the official outbreak of wwII. The French are a special case, as espoused by Hitler himself. Hitler couldn’t allow himself to be bogged down in another war of attrition on the western front. The problem was not the French, it was the menace of Judaic Marxists in the east. And that’s where 90% of the actual war was fought. And that was essentially, a war of ‚repulsion’…not naked assault, as your Judaic movies and history books preach. The Germans did NOT have air superiority during most of the war. Hitler only bombed in retaliation for having German cities bombed relentlessly (a war crime). And even here, he held his hand, for far longer than most normal men would or should have. How long…? …4 months. And the casualties were NEVER even close to the levels experienced within Germany. Dresden alone, witnessed approximately half a million civilians, most women and children, burned alive in 2 days and three waves of allied bombing. They bombed the city center outwards. Industry was not targeted, whatsoever. And the Jewmedia buried the story, with dialed down casualty counts to prevent an outcry from the cucked civilians living at home. At first, they said 35,000. The Red Cross and other watchers balked. The Jewmedia retrenched and agreed to revise the numbers…NOT, as one would expect, upwards, but rather, downwards to 21,000. The city mayor figured they had recovered as many as 200,000 bodies by months end. With most incinerated beyond recovery or recognition. The pictures of the corpse piles was used to convince unsuspecting Americans and others, that they were dead Jews, killed by Germans in extermination camps. And this was the same tactic utilized, for nearly ALL pictorial evidence of the so called holocaust.

    Ivan’s Shady Existence
    „Any poles had been given a chance to be germanized.” Wow, awesome! Was a free pretzel on offer?

    Kapitan Kloss
    Chance to be Germanized? Why would we willingly accept clearly flawed culture? We never mixed well and we are not buying whatever you are selling, now and in your continuously repeating cycles of madness.

    Izabela Bajda
    There was a similar law introduced in Israel in 1950 to prohibit Jews accusing other Jews of WW2 crimes… Here the Polish act is highlighting that accusing the Polish nation or Poland as the state of Nazi’s crimes will be/ may be prosecuted, with exception of the scientists’ researches, art/ film/ theatrical play etc.. and it came as the effect of protection to the Poland as the country against further repatriations claims, when there is no direct heir in line, to inherit whatever kind of assets/ enterprise/ property& land etc. is a sneaky taste for..

    Saul Barbosa Cunningham
    Poles are messing with the wrong Bros ✡. You went quite in depth overall.

    Joe Pilsudski
    Saul Barbosa Cunningham – Jews think that they are messing with guilt ridden Germans! Poland will not give in to this nonsense

    No, Jews are messing with the wrong folk. Poles will not allow the names of their ancestors to be slandered.



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