58 Czy to możliwe, że SaHaRa, pochodzi od SaHa+Ra, czyli od So”(c)Ha+R(a)..?, oraz inne ciekawostki o niej

Chcę zwrócić tym wpisem uwagę, na kilka rzeczy.

Po pierwsze, poniższy film jest dowodem na to, że nic nie musi być takie, jak twierdzi dziś ofitzjana nauka, patrz rzekome „Wyjście z Afryki / Out of Africa„, czy np. droga do Azji przez prawie Morze Czerwone… Ten film pokazuje, że wcale nie musiało tak być, bo ludzie mogli zwyczajnie pójść na północ, bo SaHaRa była zielona…

Po drugie, poniższy film nawiązuje do innego wpisu o piramidach, z tym że ten tutaj sprzedaje ofitzjalną propagandę, jakoby piramidy w Gizie budowano przez 20 każdą z użyciem kamieni, drewna, wody i miedzianych dłut…

Po trzecie, czy to możliwe że SaHaRa znaczy po prostu So”(c)Ha+R(a)?

Tu piję do przeuroczego zwycięstwa inaczej, które to znów odnieśli  allo-allo broniący ostatnich okopów wiarygodności tzw. Srebrnej Biblii i prawdziwości języka gockiego


Sahara Look up Sahara at Dictionary.com1610s, from Arabic çahra „desert” (plural çahara), according to Klein, noun use of fem. of the adjective asharu „yellowish red.” Related: Saharan.


(…) Etymology

From Arabic صَحَارَى (ṣaḥārādeserts). (…)





صَحَارَى  (ṣaḥārāf pl

  1. plural of صَحْرَاء (ṣaḥrāʾ)

When The Sahara Desert Was Green – Science Documentary 2017

Published on Apr 30, 2017

Harry Harrison1 month ago
I was in Libya in 2003 in the Northern Sahara Desert. Sometimes on a friday we would go walking in the desert but not too far. I remember it was always in the vicinity of a mesa where we would find things. Fossilised feces (good paper weights) flint arrowheads, hand axes and flint spearheads. On walking one day I suddenly became aware of a crunching noise and it was the sound of us walking on thousands of small sea shells. It kind of blows your mind walking in the desert and then realising it was once ocean and you are walking in it!

wazza33racer1 month ago
what!! wobbles of the earth and sunspots cause climate change!! thats NOT possible… according to Al Gore

Gary Stavropoulos1 month ago
The comments for this video can be summed up as ” wrong because the bible says…”.

Nathan Larin1 month ago
absolutely fantastic video.We all originated in that cradle of life and the earth pushed us out into the rest of it to explore it’s wonders.Truly a shame we overlook the wonders this world has to show us for petty things like politics and war. We have become blind to earth’s gift.

Captian Chaoz3 weeks ago
Nathan, you proved to me I am not alone with my view of Earth. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, perhaps others may catch on.

Quinten Fisher1 month ago
Lots of information missing. Like the fact, every 20,000 years the deserts shift. About 6,500 years ago it was green with water. Earths orbital tilt changes and the deserts follow. What is desert will be green again, what is green will be desert. This will repeat till earths death.

Klokkenluider Nederland1 month ago (edited)
Extraterrestrials. I stopped at minute 1 when they tried to explain how the pyramids were build
Even as a physicist it’s just not possible.

energyquicksand1 month ago
Were the Pyramids built in 20 years it would have required quarrying, transporting and placing a stone every 8minutes if they worked 24/7/365. Since that’s not likely, though possible with significant lighting, it would have required a four minute interval between each stone placed. On top of that the Giza Pyramids were not burial sites. So, what were they? Who really built them and why. They were also not built by pharonic Egypt but much earlier by an unknown source.

Quinten Fisher1 month ago
Modern Egyptologists believe it took 20,000-30,000 laborers. They estimate 10,000 laborers can build a pyramid in 30 years. Triple that work force and would drastically shorten that time. You will find that nobody is sure how long it took them to build the pyramids but recent research claims it took longer than 20 years. There is a claim that it took 80 years to build Giza and if correct, that means it took more than 20 years each to build the others. If you want to use your numbers, technically they would have to set a stone every 2 minutes, not 8 minutes however, both are ridiculous numbers.

VividStarz11 month ago
there are villages in that area that are bringing back green lush lands with trees and other plants. When we plant right and do not over use the land/ water we can bring back the beautiful green lands again. China and other countries are doing this right now and have been for over 10 years. And it is working well.

Project Malus1 month ago
Around 8000 yrs ago is when oxen were domesticated in Mesopotamia and undoubtably used for plowing…soil erosion happens when plows are used on hillsides, then the land is only good for sheep and goats which eat even the roots if hungry, then hello desert! Amazing work in China and elsewhere to fix this.

George Petersen1 month ago
10,000 year old teeth on those skeletons speaks volumes about diet. They still look Perfect.

Gary Johnson1 month ago
humans speeded up this desertification process by cutting down trees for ships, homes, and energy, this deforestation contributed to this climate change….just as we are doing today along with vast amounts of CO2, thus we are speeding up, effecting this desertification process…in my opinion by my own estimation. thank you

TF Sheahan1 month ago
If the full wobble cycle is, in fact, 20,000 years, and the rains stopped 6,500 years ago, why is it necessary to wait another 15,000 years? (20,00 – 6,500 = 13,500 years). I know 20K is a rounded approximation, but shouldn’t the rains start well in advance, say 10K+, from now to have a head start at replenishing the water tables? And they fail to specify which of the 3 Milankovitch orbital element changes are responsible for the 20,000 years. I’m guessing change in the axial tilt from 23 deg..

Lee Barnes1 month ago
They’re just too lazy to say 26,000 so they say 20k instead, shows exactly how much they are invested in your brain box, when all they really care about is your wallet. Wake up people, this is the ice age cycle, while the sahara is verdant green, New York City is under a mile of ice and becoming an addition to long island. Europe is also likewise latched up with ice. If the sarhara dries from bottom up that would turn it into a humanity pump ejecting that populace thru egyt on into the rest of the world every 26k and there is at least 3 million years of that. The phrase ‚out of africa’ has a new meaning for me.


2 uwagi do wpisu “58 Czy to możliwe, że SaHaRa, pochodzi od SaHa+Ra, czyli od So”(c)Ha+R(a)..?, oraz inne ciekawostki o niej

  1. Przy okazji mapki pokazującej migrację ludzi z Afryki. Proszę zwrócić uwagę, że pokazana jest już droga przez Atlantyk w wykonaniu tzw. Solutreans!!!


    Solutreans Are Indigenous Americans

    Published on Mar 15, 2012
    In the Ice Age Columbus DVD, fascinating new archaeological data and DNA research Discover’s that Europeans discovered the Americas 17,000 years prior to the birth of Columbus. A high definition production, the film takes you on the journey of a determined family from southwestern France as they cross 3,000 miles of ocean. A drama DVD, which includes the risk of starvation and treacherous storms, shows these Europeans settling in what is now the Northeastern United States.


  2. Szkielety z Sahary- film dokumentalny Lektor PL

    Published on Aug 14, 2016
    Szkielety z Sahary- film dokumentalny Lektor PLW 2000 roku paleontolog Paul Sereno przypadkowo natknął się na starożytne cmentarzysko z epoki kamienia w Gobero na Saharze. Znaleziska trafiły do laboratoriów Uniwersytetu w Chicago, gdzie poddano je dokładnej analizie. Badania wykazały, że odkryte na pustyni ludzkie szczątki pochodzą z prehistorycznego okresu Zielonej Sahary, kiedy w Gobero było wielkie jezioro. Pochówków dokonali na przestrzeni 5 tysięcy lat przedstawiciele dwóch kultur: Kiffan i Tenerian. Odkrycie w Gobero całkowicie zmieniło stan wiedzy o prehistorycznych dziejach człowieka.

    Marcin Anti-Muslim10 months ago
    Obejrzałem z przyjemnością. Dziękuje za wstawkę !! Film dobrze zrobiony, głośność dobra, jakość również. Dzięki za Twój wysiłek. pzdr Marcin

    hubert wasserman5 months ago
    czyzby oba te typy nalezaly do rasy bialej???

    niewinnny9 hours ago
    datowanie węglowe no proszę



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